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Science Education Research Trends in Latin America.pdf
International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (2016)
  • William Medina-Jerez, Univerisity of Texas at El Paso
The purpose of this study was to survey and report on the empirical literature
at the intersection of science education research in Latin American and previous studies
addressing international research trends in this field. Reports on international trends in
science education research indicate that authors from English-speaking countries are
major contributors of publications. Despite the internationalization of the science
education community, as represented by the publication of the work generated in
non-English-speaking countries, research trends in science education in Latin
America are uncommon in the literature. Therefore, it was deemed important to explore
the scholarly productivity of science education researchers from Latin America to learn
about the research orientations pursued by scholars from this region. Collective review
findings are presented with respect to author’s nationality, publication volume generated
in each country, research type and topic, collaborative research, and areas for
future research. Of the ten countries represented in this study, Brazilian authors were
the most research active scholars followed by their colleagues from Venezuela, Mexico,
and Argentina. The History, Philosophy and the Nature of Science (HPNOS) was the
topic that most attracted the interest of Latin American science education researchers,
and the Empirical Qualitative studies was the most frequent research type combination
in the analyzed publications. Findings in this study suggest a relationship between
investment power in Research and Development (R&D) and the scholarly productivity
not only in science education but also in the scientific field in the countries of the
  • LatinAmerica . Research trends . Science education . Survey
Publication Date
Fall December 5, 2016
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William Medina-Jerez. "Science Education Research Trends in Latin America.pdf" International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (2016)
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