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The Routledge History of Italian Americans
We the Italians (2017)
  • William J. Connell
  • Stanislao Pugliese
There are several books that tell in many ways one or more aspects of the Italian American community; and there are some that have been entrusted with the mission of telling it in its entirety. Some of these works are excellent, but in these days a book is coming out that promises to give a never seen before picture of the Italian American experience. It is a monumental work, created by two scholars who have been working on these themes for years, Bill Connell and Stan Pugliese. We welcome them on We the Italians, and we thank them very much for their work, that will be available here from October 3rd.
  • Italian American,
  • history
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William J. Connell and Stanislao Pugliese. "The Routledge History of Italian Americans" We the Italians (2017)
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