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Datación del Príncipe: inicio y culminación
Ingenium (2013)
  • William J. Connell
This article establishes a new, more precise date
for the completion of Machiavelli’s work on The
Prince. Newly discovered documents in Florentine
Archives from July 1515 reveal that Niccolò
Machiavelli and his family were struggling to deal
with an unexpected crisis that had befallen them
in the previous several months. That crisis must
have been none other than the failure of
Machiavelli’s Prince to win favor with the book’s
dedicatee, Lorenzo de’ Medici the Younger. The
presentation of the book to Lorenzo can now be
dated between 15 May 1515 and 3 July 1515, and
probably toward the beginning of this period.
And the final version of the text was completed at
some point between 14 February 1515 and the
presentation several months later.

  • Ghiribizzi,
  • Lorenzo de’ Medici the Younger,
  • Niccolò Machiavelli,
  • Totto Machiavelli,
  • The Prince.
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William J. Connell. "Datación del Príncipe: inicio y culminación" Ingenium (2013)
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