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Probe Tips and Method of Making Same
  • Zhong L. Wang
  • William L. Hughes
  • Brent A. Buchine

A probe includes a substrate and a tetragonal structure disposed on the substrate that has four end points. Three of the end points are disposed adjacent to the substrate. A fourth of the end points extends outwardly and substantially normal to the substrate. In a method of making a probe tip, a plurality of tetrapods are grown and at least one of the tetrapods is placed on a substrate at a selected location. The tetrapod is affixed to the substrate at the selected location.

Publication Date
August 5, 2008
U.S. Patent Number, 7,408,366; Issue date: Aug 5, 2008; Assignee: Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Citation Information
Zhong L. Wang, William L. Hughes and Brent A. Buchine. "Probe Tips and Method of Making Same" (2008)
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