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Probe Sensor with Multi-Dimensional Optical Grating
  • Zhong L Wang
  • William L. Hughes
  • Brent A. Buchine

A displacement sensor employs an electromagnetic radiation source that generates a beam of electromagnetic radiation for measuring a feature of an object. The displacement sensor includes a displacement probe, a multi-dimensional diffraction grating and a plurality of photon detectors. A reflection surface, which is changed when the probe interacts with the object, interacts with the beam from the electromagnetic radiation source and reflects a beam from the reflection surface. The multi-dimensional diffraction grating interacts with the reflected beam and generates a pattern of diffracted beams. Each photon detector senses a different diffracted beam, thereby providing information about the state of the probe.

Publication Date
April 27, 2010
U.S. Patent Number 7,705,999; Issue date: Apr 27, 2010; Assignee: Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Citation Information
Zhong L Wang, William L. Hughes and Brent A. Buchine. "Probe Sensor with Multi-Dimensional Optical Grating" (2010)
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