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A Permanent Endowment for the United States
Exporting the Alaska Model (2012)
  • Karl Widerquist
This is a chapter from the book, "Exporting the Alaska Model." The chapter argues that the United States can create a permanent resource-based endowment that could finance both a substantial dividend (in the form of an unconditional basic income) and a significant portion of government spending, perhaps nearly all government spending. It argues why endowment financing is a more progressive alternative to the more traditional approach of taxation and regulation.
  • Basic Income,
  • Alaska model,
  • endowment,
  • resource dividend,
  • inequality
Publication Date
Karl Widerquist and Michael Howard
Palgrave Macmillan
Citation Information
Karl Widerquist. "A Permanent Endowment for the United States" New YorkExporting the Alaska Model (2012)
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