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Does She Exploit or Doesn't She?
The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee (2005)
  • Karl Widerquist, University of Reading
Gijs Van Donselaar uses a Guathier-based definition of exploitation (A exploits B if A is better off and B worse off than either of them would have been had the other not existed) and a related concept the abuse of rights in a series of two-person examples to demonstrate that an unconditional basic income can be parasitic and to make the case that everyone has both a right and responsibility to work. This paper argues that the same conclusions cannot be made in a world of more than two people. Exploitation may be indefinable, and information problems may make both of these concepts unknowable and unworkable in a multi-person world.
  • Basic Income,
  • exploitation,
  • reciprocity,
  • distributive justice,
  • social justice
Publication Date
Widerquist, Lewis, and Pressman
Citation Information
Karl Widerquist. "Does She Exploit or Doesn't She?" AldershotThe Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee (2005)
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