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Verbal and nonverbal dynamics of privacy, secrecy, and deceit
Journal of Social Issues
  • B.M. DePaulo
  • C. Wetzel
  • Weylin R. Sternglanz, Nova Southeastern University
  • M. Walker Wilson
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We discuss the ways in which deception can be used to protect privacy, as well as the ways in which claims to privacy can provide the latitude to lie. In their attempts to maintain their own privacy and their secrets, people can be assisted by others who overlook their lies. Habits of honoring other people's verbal and nonverbal claims about themselves, even when they are not totally convincing, and expectations of similar indulgences from others can keep interactions from getting derailed by small interpersonal bumps. But they also enable exploitation in the form of frauds and scams.
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B.M. DePaulo, C. Wetzel, Weylin R. Sternglanz and M. Walker Wilson. "Verbal and nonverbal dynamics of privacy, secrecy, and deceit" Journal of Social Issues Vol. 59 (2003) p. 391 - 410 ISSN: 0022-4537
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