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Fluid pressure actuated net weighing device with pneumatic taring
Iowa State University Patents
  • Wesley F. Buchele, Iowa State University
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The weighing device comprises a tension load cell including an upper liquid chamber and a lower air chamber which has a volume much greater than the volume of the liquid chamber. The weight of a suspended load and the load supporting structure on the load cell are applied on both chambers. A gauge reads the liquid pressure in the upper chamber and a valve unit connectible to a source of air under pressure is connected to the air chamber. The load cell is tared by initially adjusting the air pressure in the lower chamber to produce a zero reading on the gauge. When a load is applied on the device, the volume displacement of the air chamber is small relative to the volume displacement of the liquid in the upper chamber. The volume of the air chamber thus remains substantially constant so that the gauge indicates directly the net weight of the applied load.
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Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
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Wesley F. Buchele. "Fluid pressure actuated net weighing device with pneumatic taring" (1975)
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