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Machine for forming and handling large round bales of a fibrous material
Iowa State University Patents
  • Wesley F. Buchele, Iowa State University
  • Virgil D. Haverdink, John Deere
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The machine of this invention provides for the forming of large round bales, weighing from a half a ton to a ton, from a windrowed ?brous material such as hay or the like, transporting the bales to a storage position, and releasing the bales at the storage position. A pair of transversely spaced swing arms are supported on a portable frame unit for up and down pivotal movement between bale releasing positions projected rearwardly of the frame unit to for wardly projected bale forming positions, and for pivotal movement toward and away from each other in either the bale forming or bale releasing positions therefor. A rotata ble material wrapping and bale supporting spindle is car ried at the free end of each arm so that when the arms are in their bale forming positions, the spindles project in wardly toward each other from the opposite ends of a bale forming compartment that extends transversely of the frame unit. With the swing arms in their bale forming positions and on a forward advance of the frame unit along a windrow, the windrowed material is picked up and directed into the bale forming compartment where it is engaged by the spindles for wrapping thereon. As the ma terial is wrapped it is yieldably con?ned about the spindles to give satisfactory compactness or density to the com pleted bale. When the bale is completed and while in the bale forming compartment it may be transported to a stor age position. At the storage position and while the bale is supported on the spindles, the swing arms are pivotally movable to their bale releasing positions, in which they are then pivotally moved away from each other to release the formed bale from the spindles.
Patent Number
US 3,534,537
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
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Wesley F. Buchele and Virgil D. Haverdink. "Machine for forming and handling large round bales of a fibrous material" (1970)
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