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Tillage Index Based on Created Soil Conditions
Transactions of the ASAE
  • T. S. Colvin, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Donald C. Erbach, Iowa State University
  • Wesley F. Buchele, Iowa State University
  • R. M. Cruse, Iowa State University
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The ambiguity of current tillage nomenclature has led to much confusion. This report explains a uniform, comprehensive tillage index that was developed to avoid that ambiguity. It is based on row topography, residue cover, roughness, and tillage depth that result from passage of the tillage tool rather than on the tillage tool used. Examples of the use of this tillage index are presented. This index, because of its percentage crop residue cover and potential surface water storage components, will be useful when the Universal Soil Loss Equation is to be used for estimating erosion potential on a given field.

This article is a contribution of USDA-ARS and Iowa State University. Journal Paper No. J-10870 of the Iowa Agricultural and Home Economics Experiment Station, Ames, lA. Project No. 2462, contributing to NC156.

This article is from Transactions of the ASAE 27, no. 2 (1984): 370–371.

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American Society of Agricultural Engineers
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T. S. Colvin, Donald C. Erbach, Wesley F. Buchele and R. M. Cruse. "Tillage Index Based on Created Soil Conditions" Transactions of the ASAE Vol. 27 Iss. 2 (1984) p. 370 - 371
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