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Influence of reaction with XeF2 on surface adhesion of Al and Al2O3 surfaces
Applied Physics Letters (2008)
  • Tianfu Zhang, University of California - Berkeley
  • Jeong Park, University of California - Berkeley
  • Wenyu Huang, University of California - Berkeley
  • Gabor A. Somoraji, University of California - Berkeley

The change in surfaceadhesion after fluorination of Al and Al2O3surfaces using XeF2 was investigated with atomic force microscopy. The chemical interaction between XeF2 and Al and Al2O3surfaces was studied by in situx-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Fresh Al and Al2O3surfaces were obtained by etching top silicon layers of Si∕Al and Si∕Al2O3 with XeF2. The surfaceadhesion and chemical composition were measured after the exposure to air or annealing (at 200°C under vacuum). The correlation between the adhesion force increase and presence of AlF3 on the surface was revealed.

  • ozone,
  • adhesion,
  • etching,
  • x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy,
  • atomic force microscopy
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Tianfu Zhang, Jeong Park, Wenyu Huang and Gabor A. Somoraji. "Influence of reaction with XeF2 on surface adhesion of Al and Al2O3 surfaces" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 93 Iss. 141905 (2008)
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