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Sub-10 nm Platinum Nanocrystals with Size and Shape Control: Catalytic Study for Ethylene and Pyrrole Hydrogenation
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009)
  • Chia-Kuang Tsung, University of California - Berkeley
  • John N. Kuhn, University of California - Berkeley
  • Wenyu Huang, University of California - Berkeley
  • Cesar Aliaga, University of California - Berkeley
  • Ling-I Hung, University of California - Berkeley
  • Gabor A. Somorjai, University of California - Berkeley
  • Peidong Yang, University of California - Berkeley

Platinum nanocubes and nanopolyhedra with tunable size from 5 to 9 nm were synthesized by controlling the reducing rate of metal precursor ions in a one-pot polyol synthesis. A two-stage process is proposed for the simultaneous control of size and shape. In the first stage, the oxidation state of the metal ion precursors determined the nucleation rate and consequently the number of nuclei. The reaction temperature controlled the shape in the second stage by regulation of the growth kinetics. These well-defined nanocrystals were loaded into MCF-17 mesoporous silica for examination of catalytic properties. Pt loadings and dispersions of the supported catalysts were determined by elemental analysis (ICP-MS) and H2 chemisorption isotherms, respectively. Ethylene hydrogenation rates over the Pt nanocrystals were independent of both size and shape and comparable to Pt single crystals. For pyrrole hydrogenation, the nanocubes enhanced ring-opening ability and thus showed a higher selectivity to n-butylamine as compared to nanopolyhedra.

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Reprinted (adapted) with permission from J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131 (16), pp 5816–5822. Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society.
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Chia-Kuang Tsung, John N. Kuhn, Wenyu Huang, Cesar Aliaga, et al.. "Sub-10 nm Platinum Nanocrystals with Size and Shape Control: Catalytic Study for Ethylene and Pyrrole Hydrogenation" Journal of the American Chemical Society Vol. 131 Iss. 16 (2009)
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