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One being for two origins: A new perspective on roboethicstle
Robohub (2016)
  • Yueh-Hsuan Weng
  • Hiroko Kamide
The concept One Being for Two Origins, from the teachings of Buddha, considers the unification of technology, nature, and human beings. It emerges from the theory of the three aspects: The values of the “Good”, the “Bad”, and “Muki” (Avyakata). The theory of One Being for Two Origins follows the theory of the three aspects and explains a mechanism for how values, such as the good and the bad, emerge in reality using the three aspects. The theory has a contradictory structure, hence it can be difficult for those with a scientific background to fully comprehend it. In this interview, Nagoya University’s Associate Professor Hiroko Kamide shares with us her insights on robot ethics, with a focus on One Being for Two Origins.
  • Robot Ethics,
  • Muki,
  • Good,
  • Bad,
  • One being for Two Orgins
Publication Date
December 8, 2016
Citation Information
Yueh-Hsuan Weng and Hiroko Kamide. "One being for two origins: A new perspective on roboethicstle" Robohub (2016)
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