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Special Interview on “Robot Law in Europe” with Prof. Dr. Eric Hilgendorf
  • Yueh-Hsuan Weng, Peking University
  • Eric Hiligendorf
After completing high school and military service, Hilgendorf completed a BA/MA equivalent in philosophy, modern history, and law at the University of Tubingen with a Master’s paper entitled “The Development of Parliamentary Freedom of Speech in Germany.” He then attained a PhD in philosophy for a work entitled “Argumentation in Jurisprudence” and a PhD iur. In law for a work entitled “Criminal Law Liability for Producers in the Society of Risk,” which was honored with a prize from the Reinhold und Maria-Teufel-Stiftung.

Hilgendorf habilitated in 1996 in the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure, and legal philosophy with the publication “On the Distinction between Statements of Facts and Statements of Norms in Criminal Law.” He was made a professor of criminal law and related fields at the University of Constance in 1997 before becoming Dean of the Law Faculty in 1999. In 2001 he moved to the University of Wurzburg and became the Chair of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Legal Theory, Information and Computer Science Law. From 2010 to 2012 he has served as the Dean of the Law Faculty there. His main fields of work are criminal law, data protection and law and technology.
Publication Date
September 9, 2013
Citation Information
Yueh-Hsuan Weng and Eric Hiligendorf. "Special Interview on “Robot Law in Europe” with Prof. Dr. Eric Hilgendorf" ROBOLAW.ASIA (2013)
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