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Preserving Content from Your Institutional Repository
  • Wendy C Robertson, University of Iowa
  • Carol Ann Borchert, University of South Florida
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Peer Reviewed
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Buffalo, N.Y.
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Between institutional repositories and hosting journals, many libraries are becoming responsible for scholarly content in new ways. While PDFs are the most common format today, the unique, local, serial content may be in variety of formats. These items may be digitized text, born digital text, audio, video, or images. This presentation will discuss formats that will remain accessible through time (PDF/A, txt, xml) so that content is not locked in proprietary formats. It will also discuss options for backing up items and associated metadata, including simple back-ups, off-site storage of files, LOCKSS, Private LOCKSS Networks, and Portico. The presenters will offer suggestions for how to ensure your local content is being preserved properly.
© 2013 Wendy C Robertson and Carol Ann Borchert
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Wendy C Robertson and Carol Ann Borchert. "Preserving Content from Your Institutional Repository" NASIG (2013)
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