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New Life to Old Serials: Digitizing Back Volumes
  • Wendy C Robertson, University of Iowa
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Peer Reviewed
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St. Louis, MO
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Many serials titles still exist in print only, and major commercial digitizing efforts often overlook titles that are not widely held. If out of copyright, these titles can be digitized by libraries, giving this old scholarship new life. Many libraries do some sort of digitization of textual materials, but too often serials experts are not involved. The titles may not be presented in ways that pull the serial together while also allowing article level linking. Serials experts can be valuable contributors to these digitization projects. This presentation will provide information on how to digitize text efficiently and how serials are being presented in digital collections. Serials specialists will learn ways that they can contribute to local digitization efforts to help ensure these titles are presented as effectively as possible.
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Wendy C Robertson. "New Life to Old Serials: Digitizing Back Volumes" NASIG (2011)
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