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Introduction to Iowa Research Online (IRO)
University of Iowa Tech Forum 2010
  • Wendy Robertson, University of Iowa
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Peer Reviewed
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Iowa City, Iowa
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Iowa Research Online (IRO) is a publishing platform for faculty and staff research. These publications may be journal articles, conference presentations, working papers or books. It can also include audio or video files, either as the primary item or as supplementary files. All of the University of Iowa electronic theses and dissertations are in IRO. Student publications may be included with faculty permission. IRO also can host journals and conferences, including peer review workflow. Content is divided into different series by department or unit which can be controlled by individual department. IRO is not approriate for non-public and non-permanent materials nor for large data sets.

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Wendy Robertson. "Introduction to Iowa Research Online (IRO)" University of Iowa Tech Forum 2010 (2010)
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