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Identifying Updated Metadata and Images from a Content Provider
Midwest CONTENTdm Users Group
  • Wendy Robertson, University of Iowa
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Peer Reviewed
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Iowa City, Iowa
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Items in a digital collections are frequently not static, instead being updated in some way. When this information comes from a content provider mixed with new materials, the updates need to be separated from the new content. It also needs to be clear what content specifically was updated. Is it a new image or did a single image become compound images? Was metadata added or removed and were these changes in a field that we have also modified? This presentation will cover using Microsoft Excel and Access to find the updates so that the work can then proceed in CONTENTdm


Includes presenter's notes

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Wendy Robertson. "Identifying Updated Metadata and Images from a Content Provider" Midwest CONTENTdm Users Group (2010)
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