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FM 1825 - 2016 Iowa Land Value Survey
  • Wendong Zhang, Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Average Iowa farmland value has shown a decline for the third year in a row—the first time this has happened since the 1980s farm crisis—and is now estimated to be $7,183 per acre. The statewide per acre value declined $450, or 5.9 percent, since November, 2015. Farmland values hit a historic high in 2013, but have steadily declined since then. The statewide average value for an acre of farmland is now about 17.5 percent lower than 2013 values.

CARD offers a new web portal that includes visualization tools, such as charts and interactive county maps, allowing users to examine land value trends over time at the county, district, and state level.
  • Farmland,
  • land value,
  • farm crisis,
  • farm income
Publication Date
December, 2016
Citation Information
Wendong Zhang. "FM 1825 - 2016 Iowa Land Value Survey" (2016)
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