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Yin Yang Bipolar Atom - An Eastern Road toward Quantum Gravity
Journal of Modern Physics
  • Wen-Ran Zhang, Georgia Southern University
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Based on bipolar dynamic logic and bipolar quantum linear algebra, a causal theory of YinYang bipolar atom is introduced in a completely background independent geometry that transcends spacetime. The causal theory leads to an equilibrium-based super symmetrical quantum cosmology of negative-positive energies. It is contended that the new theory has opened an Eastern road toward quantum gravity with bipolar logical unifications of particle and wave, matter and antimatter, relativity and quantum entanglement. Information recovery after a black hole is discussed. It is shown that not only can the new theory be applied in physical worlds but also in logical, mental, social and biological worlds. Falsifiability of the theory is discussed.


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Wen-Ran Zhang. "Yin Yang Bipolar Atom - An Eastern Road toward Quantum Gravity" Journal of Modern Physics Vol. 3 (2012) p. 1261 - 1271 ISSN: 2153-120X
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