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Tower Packing Evaluation Using Linguistic Variables
Computers & Mathematics with Applications (1988)
  • Wen-Ran Zhang, University of South Carolina
  • J Y Wu, University of South Carolina
  • V Van Brunt, University of South Carolina,
  • James C. Bezdek, University of Missouri
Real (numerical) and linguistic variables are used to evaluate and rank tower packings for general applications in the chemical industry. Using trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and three different term sets that express a packing's cost, its qualitative characteristics, and the relative importance of each characteristic combined with real number characteristics, the relative ranking of nine different packings were obtained. The packing ranks produced by the proposed method reflect both historical development and current practice in packing evaluation. We show that our results mirror those obtained by experience; and we conclude therefrom that this new technique appears to be worthwhile for selecting and comparing packings.
  • Tower packing evaluation,
  • Linguistic variables,
  • Trapezoidal fuxxy numbers
Publication Date
December, 1988
Citation Information
Wen-Ran Zhang, J Y Wu, V Van Brunt and James C. Bezdek. "Tower Packing Evaluation Using Linguistic Variables" Computers & Mathematics with Applications Vol. 15 Iss. 10 (1988) p. 863 - 869
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