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Beyond Spacetime Geometry – The Death of Philosophy and Its Quantum Reincarnation
Journal of Modern Physics
  • Wen-Ran Zhang, Georgia Southern University
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Contrary to the “end” and “death” assertions on philosophy, this paper predicts an equilibrium-based and harmony-centered scientific reincarnation of philosophy. Logically, the reincarnation is backed by a formal system and a background independent geometry that transcends spacetime. Physically, it is supported by definable quantum causality and bipolar logical unifications of matter and antimatter, particle and wave, big bang and black hole, relativity and quantum entanglement. Philosophically, it is distinguished from Western metaphysics and dialectics as well as the Dao of Laozi. It is named a quantum reincarnation for its central claim that YinYang bipolar quantum entanglement is the source of causality for the Being of beings following the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Thus, it presents a modest unification of science and philosophy for their reciprocal interaction (Note: Equilibrium subsumes non-equilibrium and quasi—equilibrium as local non-equilibriums can form global equilibrium or quasi-equilibrium).


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Wen-Ran Zhang. "Beyond Spacetime Geometry – The Death of Philosophy and Its Quantum Reincarnation" Journal of Modern Physics Vol. 3 (2012) p. 1272 - 1284 ISSN: 2153-120X
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