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A‐Pool: An Agent‐Oriented Open System Shell for Distributed decision Process Modeling
Journal of Organizational Computing (1994)
  • Wen-Ran Zhang, Latmar University
  • Wenhua Wang, Latmar University
  • R. S. King, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
An agent‐oriented open system shell, A‐Pool, for distributed decision process modeling in the Internet domain is presented. Unlike most decision support systems, A‐Pool provides a testbed for modeling and understanding the cognitive aspects of distributed decision processes themselves rather than for domain‐specific problem solving. This is achieved with a pool of virtual agents and a pool of cognitive maps of the agents at each A‐Pool node. The virtual agent scheme extends object‐oriented programming to the Internet domain and supports different communication and collaboration protocols with virtual communities, virtual sessions, and virtual conferences. The cognitive map scheme supports perspective sharing and various conflict integration and resolution strategies through cognitive map composition, derivation, and focus generation. Thus each A‐Pool node provides an architecture for modeling interdependencies and for ensuring global coherence; in addition, the communication is asynchronous and the control is distributed, allowing a large degree of autonomy and the examination of various thoughts and social protocols involved in strategic planning in an open system environment. Basic ideas are illustrated with a running example.
  • Agent‐oriented open system,
  • Virtual communities,
  • Virtual conference,
  • Cognitive‐map‐based conflict resolution,
  • Conflict integration,
  • Resolution strategies
Publication Date
January, 1994
Citation Information
Wen-Ran Zhang, Wenhua Wang and R. S. King. "A‐Pool: An Agent‐Oriented Open System Shell for Distributed decision Process Modeling" Journal of Organizational Computing Vol. 4 Iss. 2 (1994) p. 127 - 154
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