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Promoting Critical Thinking through an Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program
Journal of International Students
  • Wei Wei Cai, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • Gopal Sankaran, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
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This paper discusses the promotion of critical thinking through an interdisciplinary curriculum design using multidisciplinary faculty as well as details the implementation of an experiential short-term study abroad program in China. To achieve this educational goal of critical thinking, along with meeting the requirements specific to each course, the program was built on a framework using two interrelated approaches – theme-based interdisciplinary curriculum and cultural immersion. The theme-based interdisciplinary curriculum was constructed on three principles (the ability to pose great questions that encompassed drawing knowledge and skills from each discipline, acquiring global awareness, and developing glocal awareness). Cultural immersion was accomplished through carefully selected site visits, activities, and assignments. Students’ experiences, reflections, and applications were assessed through formative and summative evaluation
Journal of International Students
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Wei Wei Cai and Gopal Sankaran. "Promoting Critical Thinking through an Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program" Journal of International Students Vol. 5 Iss. 1 (2015) p. 38 - 49 ISSN: 2162-3104
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