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Unpublished Paper
Symplectic Lefschetz fibrations on S¹×M³
  • Weimin Chen Chen, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Rostislav Matveyev

In this paper we classify symplectic Lefschetz fibrations (with empty base locus) on a four-manifold which is the product of a three-manifold with a circle. This result provides further evidence in support of the following conjecture regarding symplectic structures on such a four-manifold: if the product of a three-manifold with a circle admits a symplectic structure, then the three-manifold must fiber over a circle, and up to a self-diffeomorphism of the four-manifold, the symplectic structure is deformation equivalent to the canonical symplectic structure determined by the fibration of the three-manifold over the circle.

Publication Date
Pre-published version downloaded from archive ArXiv. The published version is located at
Citation Information
Weimin Chen Chen and Rostislav Matveyev. "Symplectic Lefschetz fibrations on S¹×M³" (2000)
Available at: