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Unpublished Paper
On a Notion of Maps Between Orbifolds II. Homotopy and Cw-Complex
  • Weimin Chen Chen, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

This is the second of a series of papers which are devoted to a comprehensive theory of maps between orbifolds. In this paper, we develop a basic machinery for studying homotopy classes of such maps. It contains two parts: (1) the construction of a set of algebraic invariants – the homotopy groups, and (2) an analog of CW-complex theory. As a corollary of this machinery, the classical Whitehead theorem which asserts that a weak homotopy equivalence is a homotopy equivalence is extended to the orbifold category.

Publication Date
October 2, 2006
Pre-published version downloaded from archive arXiv. The published version is located at
Citation Information
Weimin Chen Chen. "On a Notion of Maps Between Orbifolds II. Homotopy and Cw-Complex" (2006)
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