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Biomimetic Synthesis of Silica with Its Morphology Mediated by Chitosan
Small (2008)
  • Boxun Leng
  • Xin Chen
  • Zhengzhong Shao
  • Weihua Ming, Georgia Southern University
Spherical, tabular, unique carambola-like shaped silica particles (see figure) are produced by the mediation of chitosan, a natural polyelectrolyte with abundant hydroxyl and amino groups. The silica morphology depends on the incubation time of the chitosan solution with phosphate ions before silicification. A sheet of the carambola-like silica made in this way has a granular surface, which inspires an “assembly–aggregation–silicification” model.
  • Biomineralization,
  • Diatoms,
  • Nanostructures,
  • Polysaccharides,
  • Self-Assembly
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Boxun Leng, Xin Chen, Zhengzhong Shao and Weihua Ming. "Biomimetic Synthesis of Silica with Its Morphology Mediated by Chitosan" Small Vol. 4 Iss. 6 (2008)
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