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Modeling the Measurements of QoS Requirements in Web Service Systems
Simulation (2007)
  • Weider D Yu, San Jose State University
The new technology of Web services is beginning to impact the global business approaches and trends in which the services are being offered and consumed. The advancement of Web services and its wide spread use require that its quality of service (QoS) components to be highly dependable and robust. It is clear that one of the major inevitable challenges facing the business organizations today is to provide adequate QoS aspects for Web services. This paper gathers together the various techniques that can be used for measuring and optimizing the major QoS requirements for Web services proposed by the World Wide Consortium (W3C), while presenting a methodology to build QoS-aware Web services. A software model was designed and implemented to test a Web service and perform the experiments to quantitatively measure the QoS requirements involved in a Web service. Various modeling tests and experiments were designed and conducted to illustrate the proposed QoS measurement metrics. The techniques discussed in this paper can be incorporated into the planning, design, implementation, deployment, operational and maintenance phases during a Web service development lifecycle.
  • web services,
  • quality service,
  • measurements,
  • performance,
  • security
Publication Date
January, 2007
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Citation Information
Weider D Yu. "Modeling the Measurements of QoS Requirements in Web Service Systems" Simulation Vol. 83 Iss. 1 (2007)
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