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About Wei Tu


Present Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University Geology and Geography, Department of
Present Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University Science and Mathematics, College of

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • AT&T Fellow in Industrial Ecology (2007)
  • Regent Graduate Fellow (2003)
  • The Pipe Fellowship (2003)
  • GERAC Fellowship (2002)
  • Excellent Graduate of Master Student (1995)
  • Graduate Excellence Scholarship (1993)
  • Excellent Graduate of Colleges and Universities in Shanghai (1992)


  • Introduction to GIS (GSU: GEOG 3430/5890G)
  • Introduction to GIS and Cartography (GSU: GEOG 3430/5890G)
  • Advanced GIS (GSU: GEOG 4543/5890G)
  • Cartography (GSU: GEOG 4541/5890G)
  • Applied GIS (GSU: GEOG 5091/5890G)
  • World Regional Geography (GSU: GEOG 1130)
  • Geography of Asia (GSU: GEOG 4233)
  • Economic Geography (GSU: GEOG 3230)
  • Introduction to Research (GSU: GEOG/L 4120)
  • Senior Thesis Seminar (GSU: GEOG/L 4610)
  • World Regional Geography (GSU: GEOG 1130-S)
  • Geography of China (GSU: GEOG 4233-S)
  • Internships in Geology/Geography (GSU: GEOL/GEOG 4790)

Contact Information

P.O. Box 8149
Statesboro, GA 30460
Phone: (912) 478-5233
Office: 1100C Herty


Peer-Reviewed Publications (5)

Book Chapters (1)

Book Reviews (1)

Paper Presented in Professional Meetings and Abstract Published (13)

Teaching Proposals Funded Research Proposal Funded (7)