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Globalisation: What this Means to Companies in Singapore?
Singapore Accountant
  • Gillian Hian Heng Yeo
  • Soo Chiat HWANG, Singapore Management University
  • Eddie LEE
  • Wee Liang TAN, Singapore Management University
  • Teck Meng TAN, Singapore Management University
  • Adrian Wong
Publication Type
Journal Article
Publication Date
Singapore Society of Accountants
Citation Information
Gillian Hian Heng Yeo, Soo Chiat HWANG, Eddie LEE, Wee Liang TAN, et al.. "Globalisation: What this Means to Companies in Singapore?" Singapore Accountant Vol. 9 Iss. 3 (1993) p. 21 - 30 ISSN: 0217-4456
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