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Consumer Behavior: Putting Theory into Practice
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  • Bruce Wrenn, Andrews University
  • David Loudon, Samford University
  • Albert Della Bitta, University of Rhode Island
Previously published by McGraw Hill, the authors have updated the fifth edition to deliver a more concise alternative (approximately 450 pages) to the old style exhaustive, encyclopedic approach of the major competitors. 5e covers the important areas CB instructors would likely want covered, but omits material less essential to the student’s education in consumer behavior. Reviewers liked the practical application of the chapter material, noting students’ bias for retaining material that can help them become successful in a marketing career. The text thoroughly incorporates marketing realism, stressing the application of conceptual material to marketing strategies and decision making in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Considerable effort has been made to present the material clearly and in a style that is readable, interesting, and motivating to students. (Publisher)
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Textbook Media Press

5th edition

First Department
School of Business Administration
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Bruce Wrenn, David Loudon and Albert Della Bitta. Consumer Behavior: Putting Theory into Practice. St. Paul, Minnesota(2014)
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