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Aspects of postcollision interactions (PCI) near the Ar L-shell
Physical Review A
  • James A.R. Samson, Behlen Laboratory of Physics
  • Y. Lu, Behlen Laboratory of Physics
  • Wayne C. Stolte, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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In the present work we are interested in near-threshold photoionization experiments involving postcollision effects related to the Auger decay of a vacancy in the Ar L shell. In particular, we have measured the photoelectron energy spectrum resulting from the above postcollision interaction effects and have observed electrons produced by the process of electron capture and reemission.

  • Argon; Atomic orbitals; Auger effect; Electrons — Capture; Photoionization
Copyright American Physical Society, used with permission
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James A.R. Samson, Y. Lu and Wayne C. Stolte. "Aspects of postcollision interactions (PCI) near the Ar L-shell" Physical Review A Vol. 56 Iss. 4 (1997) p. R2530 - R2532
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