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Aspects of postcollision interactions (PCI) near the Ar L-shell
Physical Review A
  • James A.R. Samson, Behlen Laboratory of Physics
  • Y. Lu, Behlen Laboratory of Physics
  • Wayne C. Stolte, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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In the present work we are interested in near-threshold photoionization experiments involving postcollision effects related to the Auger decay of a vacancy in the Ar L shell. In particular, we have measured the photoelectron energy spectrum resulting from the above postcollision interaction effects and have observed electrons produced by the process of electron capture and reemission.
Copyright American Physical Society, used with permission
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James A.R. Samson, Y. Lu and Wayne C. Stolte. "Aspects of postcollision interactions (PCI) near the Ar L-shell" Physical Review A Vol. 56 Iss. 4 (1997) p. R2530 - R2532
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