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Dissociative photoionization study of O2
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena
  • Y. Lu, Behlen Laboratory of Physics
  • Z. X. He, IBM, Inc.
  • J. N. Cutler, Wright Patterson AFB
  • S. H. Southworth, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Wayne C. Stolte, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • J.A. R. Samson, Behlen Laboratory of Physics
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Dissociative photoionization of O2 is studied by an energy–mass analyzing system and synchrotron radiation. The kinetic energy distribution spectra of the O+ ion fragments and the dissociative photoionization efficiency curves for the O+ fragments with zero and 0.8 eV kinetic energies are observed at photon energies from 18.5 to 24.7 eV. Two vibrational progressions are observed in the zero kinetic energy O+ spectrum and identified as Rydberg series nsơg (n = 4 and 5) converging to the 32IIu ionic state of O2. The spectroscopic constants for these Rydberg states are obtained. Post dissociative autoionizations are observed for the O*(2P)ndn(n = 3~5) atomic states in the zero kinetic energy O+ spectrum. A shape resonance structure for the B2S− G ionic state is observed in the 0.8 eV kinetic energy O+ spectrum. The related dissociation mechanisms are discussed.

  • Auger effect,
  • Dissociative photoionization,
  • Fragmentation reactions,
  • Ion fragment,
  • Kinetic energy,
  • Oxygen molecule,
  • Post dissociative autoionization,
  • Rydberg series,
  • Rydberg states
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Y. Lu, Z. X. He, J. N. Cutler, S. H. Southworth, et al.. "Dissociative photoionization study of O2" Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena Vol. 94 Iss. 1-2 (1998) p. 135 - 147
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