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The Causes of the Division of Israel's Kingdom
Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Wayne Brindle, Liberty University
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Published in Bibliotheca Sacra, 141 no 563 Jl-S 1984, p 223-233.

The article describes the various causes of the division of the Israelite monarchy following the reign of Solomon: 1) tribal jealousy, particularly between Ephraim and Judah; 2) sectionalistic military policies favoring Judah, through which Solomon alienated much of northern Israel; 3) Solomonic exploitation of the population for personal enrichment; and 4) Solomonic apostasy and spiritual compromise through idolatry and intermarriage with pagans, resulting in divine judgment for violating Israel's covenant with Yahweh. The article concludes that these factors were used by God's providence to further his program of discipline and eventual messianic deliverance of Israel.
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Wayne Brindle. "The Causes of the Division of Israel's Kingdom" (1984)
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