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Electron Energy Distributions of Ferroelectric Emission from Plzt 8/65/35
  • Weiming Zhang
  • Wayne Huebner, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • George Daniel Waddill, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Strong pulsed electron emission from ferroelectrics due to fast polarization switching (i.e., ferroelectric emission) has attracted much interest recently. In this paper, electron energy distributions of PLZT 8/65/35 were measured using a double pass cylindrical mirror analyzer (DPCMA) operating in Auger mode. The results showed a very narrow energy distribution (FWHM: 10eV20eV), and the emission energy was on the order of the applied pulse potential. In addition, electron emission energy was relatively independent of driving pulse frequency, but increased with driving pulse amplitude, and decreased with sample temperature. At a temperature (200°c) far above the phase transition temperature (≈130°C), strong electron emission was still observed. These results suggest that ferroelectric emission is primarily related to the material polarization switching rate.
Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords and Phrases
  • Electron Emission,
  • Ferroelectric Emission: Electron Energy Distribution,
  • Polarization Switching Rate,
  • PLZT
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Article - Journal
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Weiming Zhang, Wayne Huebner and George Daniel Waddill. "Electron Energy Distributions of Ferroelectric Emission from Plzt 8/65/35" Ferroelectrics (1998)
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