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Software Measurement: a Decision Process Approach
Advances in Computers (1994)
  • Warren Harrison, Portland State University

This chapter discusses the role of software measurement in the process of making decisions. Software metrics is considered as an information source for decision-making. The chapter focuses on the use of information for solving problems. It presents an overview of the decision process approach to software measurement by adapting work from the general field of decision science and applying it to the management of the software development process. The decision-process approach first considers the way decisions should be made, and then proposes metrics that contribute to the decision-making process by providing information. Examples from software testing management are presented. The chapter examines some of the theoretical foundations upon which most measurement systems that are used today are built. It explains how to present the measurement information to others. It presents the techniques that are used as measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion for each level of measurement used in making decisions.

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Marshall C Yovits
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Warren Harrison. "Software Measurement: a Decision Process Approach" Advances in Computers (1994)
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