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Coordinating Models and Metrics to Manage Software Projects
Software Process: Improvement and Practice (2000)
  • David Raffo
  • Warren Harrison, Portland State University
  • Joseph Vandeville

In previous work we developed techniques for modeling software development processes quantitatively in terms of development cost, product quality, and project schedule using simulation. This work has predominately been applied to the software project management planning function. The goal of our current work is to develop a ‘forward-looking’ approach that integrates metrics with simulation models of the software development process in order to support the software project management controlling function. This ‘forward-looking’ approach provides predictions of project performance and the impact of various management decisions. It can be used to assess the project's conformance to planned schedule and resource consumption. This paper reports on work with a leading software development firm to create an approach that includes a flexible metrics repository and a discrete event simulation model.

  • Software measurement repositories,
  • Software process
Publication Date
July, 2000
Citation Information
David Raffo, Warren Harrison and Joseph Vandeville. "Coordinating Models and Metrics to Manage Software Projects" Software Process: Improvement and Practice Vol. 5 Iss. 2-3 (2000)
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