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Unpublished Paper
American Exceptionalism ala the Cheneys and Charles Murray
book review (2016)
  • Warren Coats
American Exceptionalism has been defined in various ways by social observers from Alexis de Tocqueville in the 19th century, to Seymour Martin Lipset and other more recently.  At its core are an individualism, self-reliance, work ethic (the Protestant Ethic) and republicanism (i.e. absence of feudal traditions) that were reflected in the American Constitution.  The Exceptionalism of Liz and Dick Cheney reflects the unparalleled power dominance that the United States achieved after the end of the cold war, and its obligation claimed by neocons to bring democracy to all corners of the globe.  This is a critical review of the recent books on exceptionalism by the Cheney's and Charles Murray.
  • Exceptionalism,
  • Magna Carta,
  • Dick Cheney,
  • Charles Murray,
  • neocon,
  • Seymour Martin Lipset
Publication Date
Winter 2016
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Warren Coats. "American Exceptionalism ala the Cheneys and Charles Murray" book review (2016)
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