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Opportunity Lost? Revisiting RecordTV v MediaCorp TV
Singapore Academy of Law Journal
  • Warren B. CHIK, Singapore Management University
  • Cheng Lim SAW, Singapore Management University
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Journal Article
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Taking the Singapore Court of Appeal’s Decision in RecordTV Pte Ltd v MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd [2011] 1 SLR 830, this article seeks to argue that the copyright fair dealing defence would have been the more appropriate basis to exempt RecordTV, a digital recording service for recording television programmes, from primary copyright liability. This judicial approach towards legalising digital video recorder (“DVR”) services is more suitable taking into consideration the following: The role and objectives of copyright law in Singapore; the history and development of the fair dealing defence (including the latest amendments pursuant to the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement); the global trends relating to user rights and information technology through a comparative study of similar cases in other jurisdictions; and a policy assessment of Singapore’s interests in promoting innovation and development against the backdrop of proprietary copyright protection.
Singapore Academy of Law
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Warren B. CHIK and Cheng Lim SAW. "Opportunity Lost? Revisiting RecordTV v MediaCorp TV" Singapore Academy of Law Journal Vol. 24 Iss. 1 (2012) p. 16 - 59 ISSN: 0218-2009
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