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Unpublished Paper
the french intelligence Act of july 2015: the french surveillance state?
ExpressO (2015)
  • wanda mastor, university of Toulouse Capitole
The Intelligence Act of 24 July 2015, judged mostly compatible with the Constitution by the Constitutional Council (Conseil Constitutionnel), has been dubbed the “French PATRIOT Act” by its critics. The aim of this paper is to dispel this comparison, along with the claim that France would authorize mass surveillance at the same time as the United States is set to prohibit it with the recent FREEDOM Act. The legislation, essential in principle, is nevertheless not exempt from criticism: opting for extremely broad and vague objectives, as well as “eliminating” the issue of international surveillance and the choice of prior authorization by a non-jurisdictional authority are less than convincing. A focus on counter-terrorism would have resulted in the involvement of a specialized judge, a more effective guarantee than a merely consultative opinion from yet another new independent administrative authority.
  • "intelligence",
  • "surveillance",
  • "terrorism",
  • "patriot act",
  • "freedom act"
Publication Date
November 4, 2015
Citation Information
wanda mastor. "the french intelligence Act of july 2015: the french surveillance state?" ExpressO (2015)
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