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About Walter Kimball


Teaching was an early career decision, coming at the start of high school. Formal degree based education and teacher licensure preparation at Centre College, the University of Kentucky, and The Ohio State University has been combined with profession experience and learning as an elementary school and junior high special education resource room teacher, district special education director, Title I Director, and university teacher educator. I have never regretted for one second that career decision.
Teaching Perspective
All students deserve a quality education and I relish the central role of a teacher to do what can be done to make that happen. How does this happen? Experience, Reflection, Success, Collaboration. Experience without reflection is trial and error. Reflection without experience is strictly conjecture. Success leads to progress, even if in small steps. Much more is learned in collaboration than thru isolated individual activity.
Intellectual Pursuits
My professional work in education has focused on partnerships between universities and school districts, connecting general education and special education, performance based teacher assessment, and strengthening school based teaching internships as the nucleus of a teacher education program.


Present Professor Special Education, University of Southern Maine

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-5082