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Geopolymer concrete-filled pultruded composite beams – Concrete mix design and application
Cement & Concrete Composites (2015)
  • Wahid Ferdous
  • Allan Manalo
  • Amar Khennane
  • Obada Kayali
The limited research on the geopolymer concrete mix design for targeting a specific strength is identified an obstacle for their effective design and wide use. In this paper, a mix design procedure has been proposed for fly-ash based geopolymer concrete and its use as infill hybrid composite beam is investigated. Then, the structural performance of geopolymer concrete filled hybrid composite beam is investigated to determine their possible application in civil infrastructure. Firstly, a detailed procedure of mix design for fly-ash based geopolymer concrete is presented. Secondly, three hybrid beams filled with geopolymer concrete were prepared and tested in a four-point bending setup to evaluate their flexural modulus and modulus of rupture. Numerical and analytical evaluation of the behaviour of hybrid beam were performed and results showed a good agreement with the experimental investigation. Thirdly, the suitability of the beam for a composite railway sleeper is evaluated and compared with existing timber and composite sleepers. Finally, the beams’ performance in a ballast railway track is analysed using Strand7 finite element simulation software and the results showed that the new concept of using geopolymer concrete as infill to pultruded composite section satisfied the stiffness and strength requirements for a railway sleeper.
  • Geopolymer concrete,
  • Mix design,
  • Composite beam,
  • Infill,
  • Structural performance,
  • Railway sleepers
Publication Date
April, 2015
Publisher Statement
Elsevier Ltd.
Citation Information
Wahid Ferdous, Allan Manalo, Amar Khennane and Obada Kayali. "Geopolymer concrete-filled pultruded composite beams – Concrete mix design and application" Cement & Concrete Composites Vol. 58 (2015)
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