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Thermo-mechanical behaviour of epoxy based polymer matrix
27th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia (Concrete2015) in conjunction with the 69th RILEM Week (2015)
  • Wahid Ferdous
  • Allan Manalo
  • Thiru Aravinthan
  • Gerard Van Erp
This study revealed the dynamic mechanical behavior of polymer matrix having different
percentage of filler contents. Epoxy resin based polymer matrix were prepared and characterized their
dynamic mechanical properties such as storage (elastic) modulus, loss (viscous) modulus and tan delta
(damping coefficient) as a function of temperature. The temperature was applied from 30 to 120 0C with 5
0C increment and the specimens were clamped for dual cantilever bending. A total of seven different
mixes with a filler volume increment of 10% started from zero filler mix (100% resin) were casted and the
glass transition temperature were evaluated for each of the specimens. Knowing this temperature is
important for the polymer matrix as the mechanical properties of material can change dramatically when
the specimens are subjected to a temperature beyond this point. Results showed that the gradual
increase of filler materials in the polymer matrix can shift the state of materials progressively from viscous
to elastic. However, a slight increase of glass transition temperature were obtained among all seven mixes
which ranged from 50 to 55 0C when using storage modulus or loss modulus curve and 60 to 65 0C when
using peak of tan delta. To evaluate the effect of temperature and fatigue loading on specimens during the
execution of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), the flexural properties of the invaded samples were
tested using three point bending once the specimens cool down to the normal temperature. It was found
that the dual action of temperature and repeated loading can reduce flexural strength and modulus
  • epoxy resin,
  • polymer matrix,
  • glass transition temperature,
  • dynamic mechanical properties
Publication Date
Winter August 30, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Peer Reviewed Conference Paper
Citation Information
Wahid Ferdous, Allan Manalo, Thiru Aravinthan and Gerard Van Erp. "Thermo-mechanical behaviour of epoxy based polymer matrix" 27th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia (Concrete2015) in conjunction with the 69th RILEM Week (2015)
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