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Recent developments and applications of composite railway sleepers
Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE) (2016)
  • Wahid Ferdous
  • Allan Manalo
  • Thiru Aravinthan
  • Alex Remennikov
Several composite sleeper technologies have been developed in different parts of the world. These technologies have emerged as a potential alternative to timber sleepers. Different from steel and concrete, composite sleepers can be designed to mimic timber behaviour (an essential requirement for timber track maintenance), are almost maintenance free, and are more sustainable from an environmental perspective. This paper presents and compares the performance of currently available composite railway sleeper technologies with different amounts, length and orientation of fibres and including their application. The common challenges encountered in using composite sleepers are also discussed. Finally, potential approaches are suggested to overcome the challenges in the utilisation and acceptance of composite sleeper technologies.
  • Alternative railroad ties,
  • Composite crosstie
Publication Date
Summer May 16, 2016
Melbourne, Australia
Peer reviewed conference paper
Citation Information
Ferdous, W., Manalo, A., Aravinthan, T., & Remennikov, A. (2016). "Recent developments and applications of composite railway sleepers" Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE); 16-18 May; Melbourne, Australia.