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Complexity Theory for a New Managerial Paradigm: A Research Framework
Neostrategic Management (2016)
  • Gandolfo Dominici, University of Palermo
  • Vasja Roblek

In this work, we have outlined a research framework for a new management paradigm, attempting trying to link the main concepts of complexity theory, change management, knowledge management, sustainable development and, cybernetics. We discussed the transition from the industrial era to the post industrial age. In the development process, nothing is fixed in advance; we can say that it is opportunistic, and adapts to the challenges of the environment, as well as to their effects for and within organizations and society. We saw how the processes of organizational change have occurred as a result of the move to adapt to the changes in the various global and international business environments, and how this transformation has led to the shift towards the present innovation economy. We also pointed out some of the ways in which organizational change needs to deal with sustainability, so that the exploitation of resources, the direction of investment, the orientation of technological development, and the institutional change may be consistent with present needs, without compromising the future.

  • Business Strategy,
  • Leadership,
  • Organization,
  • Planning,
  • Sustainable Development,
  • Globalization
Publication Date
Winter January 1, 2016
Ivona Vrdoljak Raguž, Najla Podrug, Lara Jelenc
Springer International Publishing
Contributions to Management Science
Citation Information
Gandolfo Dominici and Vasja Roblek. "Complexity Theory for a New Managerial Paradigm: A Research Framework" Neostrategic Management (2016)
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