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The complexity view on the changes in social and economic environment in 21st century
Selected topics in modern society (2016)
  • Vasja Roblek
  • Zlatka Štok
  • Maja Meško, University of Primorska
The paper tries to clarify the economic and political situation in the first half of the 21 century and their need to foster the socially conscious business environment. The society is faced with a dilemma of how to provide social and economic development and to reduce environmental damage, caused by the constant human desire for economic growth. It will be necessary to realize that capitalism is faced with the question of how to proceed at low or even zero growth? In a zero or even negative growth pushed the economic system as we have seen the cost of future high oil prices, limited resilience of global ecosystems, utilization of cultivated land scarcity and pollution of water resources and social pressures in order to avoid anthropogenic climate change. The capitalist system is thus faced with the transition to kind of regulated stead-state capitalism. Tendencies of the decree of profit rate in competitive markets are likely to lead to the transformation of the final phase of capitalism in the post-capitalist society, which will be based on the sustainable consumption governance and nonprofit business. Companies have to constitute a fundamental challenge for responsible development that will base on innovative approaches, whatever the branch of activity
  • Information technology,
  • Industry 4.0,
  • Globalization,
  • Sharing economy
Publication Date
Spring April 5, 2016
Patricia Kaplanova
Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Citation Information
Vasja Roblek, Zlatka Štok and Maja Meško. "The complexity view on the changes in social and economic environment in 21st century" Novo mesto, SloveniaSelected topics in modern society (2016) p. 5 - 24
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