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Cyber World: Potential & Risks
  • Vrajlal K Sapovadia, Dr., SBS Ahmedabad
  • Akash V Patel
  • Kandarp V Patel
Thanks to cyber technology, 21st century offers ample opportunities to seek, analyze and use information as never before. Cyber world offers tools to government for better governance and to entrepreneurs & corporate world, the business tools for wealth maximization. It offers learning tools to educators and students. Cyber technology offers entertainment, medical solutions, health plan and new horizons to scientific research ranging from dissecting a microbe to visualizing the universe. It is up to you, how you exploit the potentials of cyber technology for your benefit and enhancing new set of knowledge and applications. Cyber technology has increased efficiency, ease and effectiveness of the previously & traditionally used tools and reduced the cost substantially as well. Cyber technology has also opened up new vulnerabilities and poised threat to security of life and property. Cyber crime is rising. Governments and cyber professionals are finding solutions to combat cyber crimes. Like good things can be done fast, accurately and effectively, so is the bad things. And hence, to know where one should be careful and protect them from such vulnerabilities is equally important. The book provides insights in exploiting benefits and opportunities of cyber technology and provides alert against the risk. The book may be useful to the students, teachers, managers, businessman, government officials, researchers and home makers whether they are using computer and internet or not. To the second category, book provides hormones to enter and enjoy cyber world to harvest benefits of using information technology for development.
  • Cyber Technology,
  • Computer,
  • Cyber Crime
Publication Date
Lambert Academy Publishing
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Vrajlal K Sapovadia, Akash V Patel and Kandarp V Patel. Cyber World: Potential & Risks. (2010)
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