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Accounting for Non-Accountants
  • Vrajlal K Sapovadia, Dr., SBS Ahmedabad
  • Akash V Patel
  • Kandarp V Patel
Accounting is language of business. A language is meant to convey something, accounting also convey many things about business. Like any language, accounting has its own grammar and rules. Accounting is social science and hence it is combination of arts & science, dynamic & subjective. However accounting requires great amount of preciseness to be considered as a reliable document. It is difficult to understand accounting for a lay man. We believe that accounting is natural & obvious for a rationale man. Accounting is part & parcel of the life. A rationale man is always maintaining his own account in implied or express way. Author attempts to explain accounting by simplifying accounting concepts, theory and illustration in lucid manner through routine life examples. Highly technical matters have been explained through illustration of real life. It has been taken sufficient care that in simplifying accounting for teaching, we do not dilute essence of accounting. Briefly we mention in the book, how accounting is done on computer through accounting software. The book explains in its logical sequence: the meanings of accounting, rules & methods, input, process, output and use of accounting. Each chapter is built around a story. The book is attempting to make accounting understandable to non-accountants, and authors do not claim to make an expert accountant.
  • Accounting,
  • Non-Accounatnts
Publication Date
Lambert Academy Publishing
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Vrajlal K Sapovadia, Akash V Patel and Kandarp V Patel. Accounting for Non-Accountants. (2010)
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