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Corporate Governance & Public Governance
  • Vrajlal K Sapovadia, SBS Ahmedabad
  • Kandarp V Patel
Governance is system and process of organised entities, whether private or public, whether for profit or not. Governance relates with defining objectives, powers, duties, obligations & disabilities of various stakeholders. Corporates are for profit and they get fund from shareholders. Governments are generally for Sovereign functions and citizen elects the leaders. Therefore their governance differs substantially. This book is compilation of articles, case studies & research papers written on various governance issues. Based on experience and analyzing critically the available evidences, book is useful for the government executives, corporate executives, board members, researchers, professors, students and consultants
  • Corporate Governance,
  • Governance,
  • Public Governance
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Lambert Academy Publishing
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Vrajlal K Sapovadia and Kandarp V Patel. Corporate Governance & Public Governance. (2010)
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